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Why Parliament was right to want a curriculum review, by Barry Black

University of Glasgow PhD Student, and UBDC associate, Barry Black has written an article on the implementation of Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence for

In the article, Barry outlines the "range of unresolved and unintended consequences which exist as a result of CfE’s implementation" and explains why the Scottish Parliament was right to vote for a review.

He notes that "issues within the senior phase are well-documented. Whether it is the narrowing number of subject choices, particularly in poorer areas, the progression and structure of new qualifications or the prevalence of multi-qualification teaching in classrooms, there are numerous issues which clearly impact upon young people’s choices and chances."

He says, "while a review into the senior phase is ongoing, many of these problems gain their roots across the whole curriculum and need to be viewed holistically, not least the attainment gap in CfE levels that exists and grows as pupils progress."

Barry’s research Chances or Choices? Influences on Young People’s Learning Decisions aims to investigate the social and structural factors that influence pupils’ school subject choices in the Greater Glasgow region and assess the implications for employer’s engagement in schools.


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