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We provide open, safeguarded, and controlled data to researchers and training in how best to use it.

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Data collections

Our open data is freely available for use by anyone.

Safeguarded data is also free to access but may have restrictions set by the data owners while our controlled data is limited to accredited users and only accessible in secure environments.

You can view available datasets in our extensive data catalogue or explore our data theme pages.

Data Catalogue

Unlock the potential of a wide range of key datasets to empower and inform your research with free access to our comprehensive data catalogue.

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Transport and mobility

Housing and property

Labour market

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Tools and methods

In our work with smart data, we have developed and adapted a wide range of methods. We make these methods and related code or tools available as part of our data service. Links can be found from the relevant data collections.

Training resources

We archive useful and informative resources, such as slides, videos and other materials, from past events here for you to explore.

UBDC How to Guides - YOLOv4 Object Detection Model

In this guide, Data Analyst Maralbek Zeinullin shows you how to install and run customised YOLOv4 Object Detection Model using GPU.

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UBDC How to Guides - Multimodal Transport Routing for the UK with R

In this two-part guide, Rafael Verduzco from the Urban Big Data Centre shows you how to analyse transport routing in the UK using travel-time matrices.

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UBDC How to Guides - Building a Time Series Chart

In this step-by-step guide, Andy Clarke from the Urban Big Data Centre shows you how to build a time series chart using React, D3 and Material UI.

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Short Term Lets - Big Data and Policy

A new licensing scheme for short-term lets came into effect in Scotland on 1 October 2022. Through the scheme, the Scottish Government aims to 'ensure consistent safety standards while reinforcing the positive reputation of Scottish tourism and hospitality'.

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Public transport accessibility in Great Britain: An open dataset

Understanding how access to amenities by public transport varies across space is important in a wide variety of urban research, e.g., unemployment risks, property and land valuation, or gentrification issues.

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UBDC Employment Data User Group webinar: Adzuna Jobs Listings data

This event, led by Heather Sinclair (UBDC Information Services Officer), focussed on Adzuna job listings data and is relevant for current and prospective users of the Adzuna dataset.

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Triangulating Novel Mixed-Method Educational Data to Develop Effective, Evidence-Based Policy

UBDC has employed a spectrum of complementary quantitative and qualitative methods to address educational inequalities to inform the development of more effective policy solutions to the educational attainment gaps at all stages of life-long education.

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Practical approaches for web scraping for research

The web offers deep insights into people’s beliefs, opinions, transactions, movements and many other aspects of their lives. For social science academics and data scientists, the UK’s legal environment provides opportunities to capture these data at scale in service of research goals.

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Share your data

Sharing data can provide valuable insights and intelligence for data owners as well as wider policymakers. UBDC helps organisations curate and analyse their data and offers a single point of access for data, unlocking its potential as a valuable public resource.

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