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The Unlimited Potential of Big Data

Big data is changing the world. Already we are seeing it being utilised as the basis for growth and innovation, and as we continue to find new ways to mine its potential we will be opening up an endless amount of possibilities. One inspiring entrepreneur who saw the benefits of big data is Joyeeta Das, the founder and CEO of Gyana. This start-up has been combining big data and social media trends in order to create a recently launched, enhanced search tool that is able to interpret the overall mood of a location.

By aggregating a huge variety of data from multiple sources, Gyana will tell you the ‘vibe’ of an area and provide an easy to understand breakdown, known as sentiment analysis. Different moods are displayed as colour coded heat spots on a 3D map, with blue representing boredom, yellow portraying happiness, etc. This results in a tool that will be able to provide people with a much clearer picture of different locations than they’ve ever had before.

The inspiration for Gyana arrived while Joyeeta was managing the VIEW startup incubator programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. She was looking through satellite pictures of the earth when she realised that there was no emotional attachment to the places she was looking at. How crowded were these places? Were the people there happy or sad? Was there a good choice of restaurants, bars and shops around? What kinds of photos were people posting about these places?

These were the questions that Joyeeta wanted answered, and she knew that big data would be the key to finding out exactly what she needed. Gyana is being made available to government and professional service companies initially, and the likes of estate agents and property developers will find the location-based data extremely useful in their sector.

The story of Gyana goes to show what we can expect from big data innovation in the near future, as more experts and entrepreneurs find new and varied ways to make the most of it. Take a look the video below to find out more about Gyana and the way that it’s utilizing big data.

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