Unequal educational outcomes are a key policy concern, reflecting vital national questions about the competitiveness of the UK and Scottish economies, and about social mobility and social justice.

Education Scotland has highlighted place-based differences in educational outcomes as a key factor ‘holding Scotland back’. This project aims to develop new understandings of the drivers of place-based educational inequalities, including neighbourhood factors, to inform educational and urban policy.

The UBDC provides a powerful means to explore these drivers by offering access to linked data on the learning trajectories of individual young people, their post-school destinations, the households and neighbourhoods they live in, and the educational institutions they attend. It will provide the means to consider how educational disadvantage is influenced by residential segregation processes (including the divisions created by private renting), by ‘neighbourhood effects’ across the spectrum of urban areas, and by planning and policy.


Project Co-Leads: Michael Osborne and Keith Kintrea
Researchers: Dr. Catherine Lido