Housing and Neighbourhoods

The Housing and Neighbourhoods research group focuses on the potential for new forms of data to enhance our understanding of housing and urban systems.

We study the physical qualities of residential property, especially environmental performance, as well as costs. We examine social inequalities in access to decent housing, with a particular interest in the UK’s private rental sector given its growth in recent years and the role it plays in housing low-income households.

And we study the quality and amenity of the neighbourhoods across our towns and cities, looking at who lives where and under what conditions. In all cases, we are interested in the impacts of public policy – national and local – on outcomes.

Impacts of improved public realm infrastructure

Governments and local authorities invest millions in public realm projects to make city centres and other shared spaces more attractive. These projects increasingly include, or are driven by, active travel infrastructure, aimed at increasing the numbers of people cycling and walking and reducing the use of cars.

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Monitoring and analysing Short-term let activities

The increase of the short-term lets market, sparked by the emergence of Airbnb, has led to significant growth in the tourist industry in particular cities and areas.

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Re-growth of private renting

The re-growth of private renting is the most significant change to the UK housing system in the last 20 years. This project examines the potential for big data to provide a better understanding of how the sector is changing its consequences.

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