Re-growth of private renting

Re-growth of private renting

The re-growth of private renting is the most significant change to the UK housing system in the last 20 years.

This project examines the potential for big data to provide a better understanding of how the sector is changing and the consequences for UK cities and citizens.

Aims and objectives

The aim of this project is to explore the strengths and limitations of big data as a means of studying this dynamic sector. UBDC has secured access to various kinds of data, from databases of commercial lettings firms to the listings from statutory landlord registration systems.

Our first objective is to understand more about the quality of these data: how well they represent the sector or different parts of it, and how we might combine them with other data sources to reduce biases and improve quality.

We will then use them to address a range of specific questions, relevant to current debates about urban development. For example:

We are also looking at access to data to study the rise of the short-term lettings market (AirBnB and similar operations) and its impacts on the longer-term private rental accommodation.


Leads: Dr. Mark Livingston and Prof. Nick Bailey
Team: , Prof. Ken Gibb, Michail Georgiou

Latest Outputs

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