We examine how urban educational systems shape attainment, skills development and productivity.

We produce new knowledge on attainment gaps and key transitions in school, FE and HE student attainment and skilled employment using data for widespread applications within educational policy at national and local levels.

At the core of our work here is a novel data collection linking administrative data from school, FE and HE systems.

Gendered Journeys

Women and girls are markedly under-represented in STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines - both as students and in the workforce - in most countries across the globe.

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Inclusion in Higher Education

Despite the Scottish Government's sustained attempts to widen participation in Higher Education, outcomes with respect to reducing inequalities in access, attainment and entry into more skilled employment have been disappointing.

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Further Education: Fulfilling Its Purpose?

Further Education is supposed to provide a ladder of progression from school and to Higher Education, but research has called this into question.This project will consider the extent to which FE has produced improvements in educational and employment opportunities.

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Place-based Inequalities and Secondary School Attainment & Progression

This project aims to consider the extent to which there are systematic relationships between young people’s educational attainment, and family, school and neighbourhood characteristics. Using comprehensive data for the West of Scotland we address several key questions in this area.

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