This is a primary data collection effort in Glasgow involving the administration of several survey instruments to a statistically representative sample of respondents: (i) an Attitude, Beliefs and Lifestyle Survey; (ii) a time use and travel diary survey; (iii) a stated preference survey; (iv) an education, literacy and comprehension survey; and (iv) a GPS and lifelogging survey.

Concurrently, background and contextual data on current activities occurring in the city will be collected by means of a significant information extraction exercise to create a Glasgow Memories Server consisting of data from a variety of unstructured multimedia data including location-specific video, image or still photos, web-based text and 2D or 3D images that will be captured from various data streams available in the city of Glasgow, other sources such as the web, blogs, newspapers, administrative reports and social media sources, and infrastructure-based sensors such as traffic detectors, environmental and weather sensors and CCTV, and participatory sensing systems and citizen science projects.

The dual data collection approach – the purposive, survey-based approach, and the information extraction Memories Server solution, will allow us to understand the context and motivations driving the social aspects of the urban environment, thereby supporting research on how such context might affect people’s attitudes, lifestyles and beliefs, and their mobility and time use patterns. The effort will also allow us to compare and contrast results from extracted structured and unstructured data with data from a statistically representative sample of respondents who are administered a battery of social science surveys.


Project Lead: Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah
Researchers: Michael OsborneGwilym PryceZhenhong LiJinhyun HongMark LivingstonIadh OunisJoemon JoseCraig MacdonaldCatherine LidoKatarzina Sila-Nowicka
Post-Doctoral Researchers: Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Md Sadek Ferdous, Nut Limsopatham