Introducing the Adzuna teaching dataset

Introducing the Adzuna teaching dataset

UBDC are excited to announce the launch of ‘Adzuna Teaching’, a small and random subset of our main Adzuna dataset.  

Adzuna Teaching makes Adzuna accessible to a wider audience, specifically students undertaking research projects and lecturers interested in employment or Smart Data. It will also be of interest to researchers thinking of applying for the full Adzuna dataset.

Adzuna Teaching preserves the structure, and contains all variables, of our main Adzuna dataset. It therefore includes detailed information on salary, occupation, sector, seniority, skills, location, and job descriptions. See our Adzuna metadata for all variables included.  

The dataset represents a random 20,000 subsample of all (deduplicated) UK adverts posted on in the month of September 2021.  

Who can benefit?


Adzuna Teaching can be used by students seeking to add innovative and granular data to dissertation or research projects relating to labour markets or geospatial topics. Recent applications of Adzuna in these areas include topics such as regional inequalities, job-housing balances, demand for AI-related skills, the rise of green jobs and firm recruitment strategies. 


Lecturers can use Adzuna Teaching to help expose students to Big Data, without its associated computation challenges. The dataset contains a variety of data types - lists, raw texts, categorical and numeric variables - that can help students hone their data science skills whilst answering interesting labour market questions. Lectures teaching Natural Language Processing methods may also find the job description variable to be of interest.  


Researchers interested in applying for an Adzuna license can use Adzuna Teaching to gain a glimpse of what the full dataset has to offer (for example, it’s structure and completeness). A benefit of doing so is the quicker turn-around time, from application to access, that we expect with the teaching version of Adzuna. As stated above, the structure and variable contents of both datasets are the same. 


We ask that applicants provide advanced warning of two weeks. Apply for the Adzuna Teaching dataset here.

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