Urban remote sensing

Remotely sensed images and the corresponding analytical techniques offer a comprehensive approach to observing and monitoring urban environments in real-time through high spatial-temporal-spectral-resolution data.

One of the main challenges of urban remote sensing is that the sensors were not originally designed to collect the information from urban areas. In this research project, we will address this challenge by creatively using multisource remotely sensed images (LIDAR, RADAR, optical, etc.) to understand the complex urban environment, establish digital twins, and answer urban-related social, economic, and environmental questions.

Aims and objectives

The project has the following aims and objectives:

  • Use high-resolution satellite images to identify vacant/derelict land in Glasgow and provide solutions for these sites
  • Understand how to better design urban green/blue infrastructure to alleviate urban heat island effects and improve living conditions in cities
  • Design a new 3D city model with buildings and trees by using high resolution LiDAR data with Glasgow City Council


Lead: Dr Qunshan Zhao

Team: Dr Qiaosi Li

Latest Outputs

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