The UBDC may be able to source and acquire data not already held in our Data Collections for researchers.

To access this service, the research project for which the data is needed must be approved by our independent Research Approvals Committee (RAC). As data sourcing may result in additional costs, for which UBDC has a limited budget, all requests for sourcing new data will also require approval according to the process and criteria outlined in the UBDC Data Acquisition Strategy and Processes.

The following appraisal categories determine whether data requested should be acquired:

  1.  In scope:
    1. Is the data relevant to urban research?
    2. Does the data fall within the definition of, or support working with “big data”?
    3. Is UBDC the most appropriate body to acquire it?
  2.  Strategic priority: Is there a demonstrated value for the data in the sense of the data?
  3.  Data usability and reusability
  4.  Data availability
  5.  Data life expectancy
  6.  Level of technical support needed
  7.  Time sensitivity: Can the data be acquired within a reasonable timeframe in order to meet the requestor’s needs?
  8.  Legal and ethical issues

For more information please contact us to discuss your requirements.