Zsanett Bahor

Zsanett Bahor

Data Analyst - Dashboard Developer

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Zsanett is a Data Analyst and Dashboard Developer, leading on the design of interactive visualisations of data through end-user dashboards that can deliver actionable insights to relevant stakeholder policy audiences.

Zsanett has a PhD in Molecular and Clinical Medicine and previously specialised in meta-research of preclinical biomedical studies. Her work focused on how we can increase our understanding of human conditions through unbiased summaries of empirical evidence and use these to drive improvements in research. In addition to this, she has been involved in a variety of projects designing content for MOOC’s, UX for online platforms and dashboards in relation to public health and research reproducibility at National Services Scotland and the University of Edinburgh.

She is ultimately interested in how we can effectively communicate data and insights and is passionate about using data to inform future research, decision making and best practice.