Sarah Currier

Sarah Currier

Senior Project Manager

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As Senior Project Manager, Sarah coordinates the UBDC team to ensure our planning, reporting and delivery meet the needs and expectations of our funders, the ESRC, and the community we serve.

Sarah came to the UBDC with an extensive portfolio of achievements in R&D and service delivery around open educational resources and related technical standards. She has published and presented widely on content, metadata and vocabulary management. She sees big data as a natural progression for her skills and experience, touching as it does upon making big data resources and tools available for public benefit, and curating those resources to ensure they can be used to improve society for all.

Along the way, Sarah developed a passion for agile planning processes, which she hopes will enable the UBDC to roll with the inevitable evolution of urban big data challenges, methods and technologies over the five years of the project, and respond flexibly to the requirements of researchers, policymakers and the general public.