Our Advisory Group (AG) supports the work of our Director and staff in developing and managing the UBDC, ensuring we achieve long-term success and sustainability.

AG members:

  • David Banister (AG Chair); Professor of Transport Studies, University of Oxford
  • Jackie Carter; Co-Director of Methods@Manchester, University of Manchester
  • Anne Connolly; Corporate Services, Glasgow City Council
  • Ewan Klein; Professor of Computing Science, University of Edinburgh
  • Josef Konvitz; Honorary Professor, University of Glasgow
  • Vanessa Lawrence; Senior Strategic Global Advisor for Geospatial, World Bank Group
  • Gordon MacGregor; Managing Director, Spot Sensor Technologies Ltd
  • Susan McVie; Professor of Quantitative Criminology, PI and Director of Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMEN), University of Edinburgh
  • Steven Ramage; Head of External Relations, Group on Earth Observations (GEO)
  • Peter Triantafillou; Professor of Data Systems, University of Warwick
  • Cecilia Wong; Professor of Urban Planning; University of Manchester