news | 31.10.2014 | Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah

UBDC Inaugural Workshop

To mark the Urban Big Data Centre's official launch, we held a free public workshop on 30th September, featuring presentations from internationally recognised leaders in the field of big data and urban informatics. The workshop drew great interest from nearly 100 attendees whose work relates to cities, big data, urban informatics or public policy.

The workshop started with my welcome to attendees, including an overview of the Urban Big Data Centre’s vision, key aims and services:

Following this I introduced three different urban big data presentations. The full agenda, including information on related publications and further reading, can be viewed.

Workshop presenters included Sir Alan Wilson, FBA, FRS, Professor of Urban Regional Systems in the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the University College London, who discussed complex modelling across scales and time:

Following, Professors Gwilym Pryce (Sheffield) and Geoff Meen (Reading) presented their urban big data multi-sectoral model, which is part of their project on the economic benefits of urban migration:

Lastly, Dr Glenn Geers, Technology Director of Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics at National ICT Australia, provided an analysis of cities in the age of analytics. Please note that the video below has been edited due to commercial limitations and only includes still frames of the data visualisations used in his presentation:

The event was very successful and demonstrated solid examples of the wide range of data and methodological approaches available to address challenges facing cities.

We have received positive feedback from participants and some wonderful suggestions for topics to be covered at future UBDC workshops and events.

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Images from the Urban Big Data Centre Inaugural Workshop

Photo of people talking by event registration table
Photo of Professor Vonu Thakuriah presenting at the event
Photo of people sitting down at the event
Photo of man speaking at event
Photo of people talking at event
Photo of Gwilym Pryce speaking at the event
Photo of man speaking at the event
Photo of man speaking at event