Strava is a social network for athletes, recording data from its users who upload cycle rides and running activity via smartphone or GPS device.

This dataset comprises anonymised data from Strava users in Scotland and the North East of England. The aggregate information provides GIS compatible data that offer an hourly count of users at street level and wait times at intersections based on the Open Street Map roads network. The origin and destination of trips is also available, resolved to census output areas.

  • Data owner: Strava Inc
  • Coverage (geographical and time):
    • Strava (Glasgow) 2013-2020
    • Strava (Manchester) 2015-2018
    • Strava (Scotland) 2015-2019
    • Strava (Sheffield) 2017
    • Strava (Tyne & Wear) 2015-2018
  • Who can use this data? Academic or non-commercial research only
  • Format: Supplied as ESRI .shp file and CSV format
  • More information: Visit Strava Metro to learn more about their data.