A Goad plan gives a bird’s eye view of a retail centre.

These plans show the fascia name, retail category, floor space and exact location of all retail outlets and vacant premises. Key location factors such as pedestrian zones, road crossings, bus stops and car parks are also featured.

Experian's Goad Plan Data is a comprehensive dataset that covers retail areas within urban areas across the whole of the UK and Ireland and has the potential to support high-quality research through both coverage and geographic linkage. The data is also “naturally occurring” - it is collated by a company for use in planning and marketing commercial ventures in cities.

  • Data owner: Experian Ltd.
  • Coverage (geographical): United Kingdom; Ireland
  • Coverage (time): 1998 - 2017
  • Format: CSV
  • Who can use this data? Non-commercial academic research only.*

*Please note that from 14th May 2019 we are no longer able to agree end user licenses for prospective Experian data users.