We are a multidisciplinary research group of social scientists, data scientists, and engineers, supported by our Centre’s administrative team.

Jinpeng Li

PhD Student Researcher

Jinpeng's research relates to the intergenerational transmission of pro-environmental behaviour between parents and their offspring.

Yue Li

PhD Student Researcher

Yue’s research aims to develop a multi-purpose graph DL-CV model to forecast traffic flow distributions via various urban parameters and existing traffic data and generate urban scenes based on the traffic.

Weicong Luo

PhD Student Researcher

Weicong's PhD research relates to the Science of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Health Geography. He focuses on spatial-temporal accessibility to healthcare services and spatial location optimisation of healthcare facilities.

Brittney Nathaniel

PhD Student Researcher

Brittney's research focuses on inequalities in access to post-secondary education for adult learners and their retention at higher education (HE) institutions in New York State and Scotland.