This project examines the potential of urban linked Big Data to support planning and operations of socially-just and sustainable transport systems.

Specific interrelated research strands include:

  1. derivation of multiple dimensions of mobility deprivation and social exclusion beyond the traditional measures considered in the literature that will be used to explain travel behaviour patterns, and which will contribute to the Urban Indicators project, and the Chicago-Glasgow agent-based modelling project;
  2. examination of the relationship of a broad array of travel, psychological, economic and other outcomes to the adoption and use of specific modes of ICT;
  3. models for dynamic resource management strategies for shared, intermodal, active and public transport, for example, regarding bicycle-sharing, car-charging, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure; and
  4. knowledge discovery of mobility patterns from the mixed survey-social/multimedia data collected from the Contextual Multimedia Data Resource and the Glasgow Memories Server.


Project Lead: Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah
Researchers: Jinyhun HongKonstantinos Ampountolas