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UBDC builds links with Chinese institutions - Dr Yao presents at Nankai University and in Beijing

Dr Jing Yao, UBDC Lecturer in Urban Big Data and Quantitative Methods, recently travelled to China to present about the work of the Centre and further our links with Chinese institutions.

On July 16, Dr Yao delivered two presentations to audiences at Nankai University in Tianjin, China: one on the UBDC's research and services, and another on Spatial Statistics in Social Sciences and the Challenges of Big Data. Her visit to Nankai was supported by the Glasgow-Nankai Research Exchange Grant.

Additionally, Dr Yao spoke at the Institution of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as part of the Workshop in Spatial-temporal Big Data and Advances in Geographical Information Sciences.

Dr Yao's talk focused on Spatial Analysis and Urban Big Data Research at the UBDC in Glasgow. In her talk, Dr Yao introduced the UBDC's aims and discussed our active research projects. Images of the events are included below.

The UBDC actively seeks partnerships with organisations in the UK and internationally to scope and develop solutions for substantive urban issues, both local and global. Please get in touch with us to share ideas.

Photo of Jing Yao presenting
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