SASNet's training and capacity building events were delivered in the following ways:

Seminar Series

UBDC and BLGDRC jointly organised a set of user-focused seminars, webinars, lectures and masterclasses offered by a mixture of academic and non-academic speakers, the main objectives of which being to improve organisations' understanding of techniques for the analysis of a variety of historical and real-time data, to share the best practice around analytics and to develop collaborative links between major users and university researchers. The seminars were delivered throughout the UK and hosted by selected institutions within our data research network to afford this widest possible reach.

Training Programme

The majority of classes took place at the University of Glasgow and the University of Essex. Training was in the form of workshops and computer lab sessions arranged into three different tracks, tailored to the requirement of different sectors, but allowing significant crossover. The tracks fully utilised the business analytics and urban analytics research agenda and expertise of BLGDRC and UBDC. The training tracks were open to a wide variety of different research areas and data analytics:

  • Fundamentals of Data-Driven Solutions Including Real-time Analytics (led by UBDC)
  • Real-time analytics and business process management (led by BLGRC)
  • Urban Informatics and urban policy and planning processes (led by UBDC)

Past Events



Event and speakers

27 November 2017 Using Cycling Flow Data to Analyse Injury Risk
Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport, University of Westminster
23 October 2017 Active Travel to School – The Effectiveness of School-based Travel Interventions
Francesca Hogg from the Sustrans Research and Monitoring Unit
21 September 2017 Decision Support Systems (DSS) in Urban Planning
Dr Jan Kazak, Lecturer, Department of Spatial Economy, Wroclaw University of Environmental & Life Sciences
1 August - 6 September 2017 UBDC Summer Training 2017
UBDC Research and Support Staff, University of Glasgow, and a variey of invited guest trainers
20 June 2017 New Sources of Data for Social Science Research
Dr Lee Williamson, Longitudinal Studies Centre - Scotland (LSCS), University of Edinburgh
Dr Elaine Mackey, Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN), University of Manchester
Professor Meena Kumari, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex
Dr Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka, Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC), University of Glasgowi
19 May 2017 Shaping Data Standards for Future Cities
Dr Andrew McHugh, Senior IT and Data Services Manager, UBDC
Tim McGarr, Marketing Development Manager (Digital), BSI Group
Tom Digby-Rogers, Lead Programme Manager, Sustainability, BSI Group
Prof Jacqui Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of FlyingBinary
Dr Matthew Cook, PhD FRGS, Open University
Prof Vonu Thakuriah, Director, UBDC
Trevor Gibson, Smart City Leadership and Development Manager, Opportunity Peterborough
Max Martinez, Director, Space Syntax
Graham Ross, Partner, Austin-Smith:Lord
Simon Tricker, Co-founder and CDO, UrbanTide
Barteld Braaksma, CBS
Gaby Rasters, City of Eindhoven
Dr Ilpo Laitinen, Director of Administration, City of Helsinki
15 May 2017 The Future of the Future City? The Sustainable Metropolis and the Possibility of an Interdisciplinary Urbanism
Michael Keith, Director of COMPAS, Co-ordinator of Urban Transformations and Co-director of University of Oxford's Future of Cities programme
5 May 2017 Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence: Health and Social Care
Manira Ahmad, Head of Service, Analytics & Intelligence
Philip Johnston, Service Manager, Local Intelligence Support Team
Richmond Davies, Service Manager, Statistical & Information Governance
22 March 2017 Smart Mobility and Smart Cities - Access & Opportunities
Carla Bailo, Assistant Vice President of Mobility Research and Business Development at Ohio State University
9 February 2017 Working with Administrative Data: From Ideas to Research
Dr Mirjam Allik, Data Scientist
Ms. Stacey Harper, Information Compliance and Records Management Specialist
Dr. Catherine Stewart, Research Associate
Dr. Ruth Dundas, Senior Investigator Scientist
(All University of Glasgow)
Ms. Leslie Stevens, Research Fellow, ADRC Scotland and University of Edinburgh School of Law
24 January 2017 Complex Networks Approaches to Supply Chain Management
Prof. Vania Sena, Director of Business and Local Government Data Research Centre
Dr Guven Demirel, Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Essex Business School
17 November 2016
Urban Informatics and the City
Prof. Vonu Thakuriah, Director of Urban Big Data Centre, University of Glasgow
9 November 2016
Understanding Local Modelling
Prof. Stewart Fotheringham, Professor of Computational Spatial Science and Urban Planning at Arizona State Univeristy
14 October 2016
Transport Data Modelling, Simulation and Big Data
Devrim Kara, Director of PTV Group UK
Dr Wei Liu, Lecturer in Transport Engineering, University of Glasgow
28 September 2016
Strava Training Session with Brian Riordan
Brian Riordan, Customer Success Lead, Strava
20 September 2016
An Introduction to Open Geospatial Standards
Steven Ramage, Independent Advisor, OGC Global Advisory Council
29 August 2016
Multilevel Modelling
Dr Jinhyun Hong, Lecturer, Urban Big Data Centre
23 August 2016
Using R: statistical analysis
Dr Jing Yao, Lecturer, Urban Big Data Centre
22 August 2016
Introduction to R
Dr Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka, Research Fellow, Urban Big Data Centre
15 August 2016
Accessing the UBDC’s Data Service
Andrew McHugh, Data Services Manager, Urban Big Data Centre
10 August 2016
Introduction to QGIS
Dr Yeran Sun, Research Fellow, Urban Big Data Centre
3 August 2016
Using ArcGIS: Network Analysis
Dr David McArthur, Lecturer, Urban Big Data Centre
2 August 2016
Introduction to ArcGIS
Dr David McArthur, Lecturer, Urban Big Data Centre
15 July 2016
Real-time Optimisation of Mobile Facilities in Public Service Delivery
Dr Soheil Davari, Lecturer in Supply Chain Management, Hertfordshire Business School
22 June 2016
Discrete Choice Modelling
Prof. Chandra Bhat, Director of Center for Transportation Research, University of Texas at Austin
10 June 2016
Data Management for Urban Transport Operations
Dr Anuj Sharma, Research Scientist, Institute for Transportation, Iowa State University
Dr Kostas Ampountolas, Lecturer in Transport Engineering, University of Glasgow