The SASNet Fellowship Programme was a scheme that enabled academic and non-academic (business, industry and public policy) visitors to join the research community at either BLGRC in Essex or at UBDC in Glasgow.

Fellows had the opportunity to join our centres in Essex and/or Glasgow, for a period of between 1 week to 2 months, for research and technology exchanges, and to participate in our capacity-building and analytics programmes. Alternatively, Fellows also had the option to work remotely from their home organisation, either in the UK or abroad.

What were the benefits of being a SASNet Fellow?

  • Access to a wide spectrum of UK data for research - including a range of administrative, big, and complex data on business, government and urban areas in the UK
  • Expert guidance and support for research from the interdisciplinary staff at the UBDC and BLGRC, including funding for travel to/from and accommodation in Glasgow or Essex if required
  • Opportunities to promote research, build relationships, and share expertise in social analytics to further develop the capacity and skills of academics and professionals in the UK.

Who could apply?

SASNet Fellowships were open to both UK and international residents, including:  

  • Academics in any discipline
  • Professionals from businesses and other third sector and/or private organisations
  • Professionals from local authorities, government departments and public agencies 

What was expected of Fellows?

Prospective SASNet Fellows described their analytics interests and proposed a short project, which formed the basis of their Fellowship. Successful applicants either: 

  • contributed by participating in the network’s training and seminar series towards capacity-building on technical and analytic issues, or  
  • brought a novel source of data or specialist technical methods that demonstrated the value of analytics within one or both of the specific areas of the two Centres. 

What funding was provided?

Employing organisations were expected to continue to pay the salaries of the fellows in question and to meet travel costs where appropriate. The SASNet Fellowship Programme covered accommodation, subsistence and travel costs for overseas and UK fellows for the duration of the fellowship (1 week to 2 months), which could not be met from other sources.  

Selection criteria

  • Academic Fellows were chosen on the basis that they brought additional expertise that would contribute (a) to the body of knowledge for social analytics of big data in the Centres, and (b) to the training and capacity-building activities of the Centre(s).
  • Professional Fellows were selected on the basis of their ability to contribute innovative data sources to the Centre’s data services as well as training/capacity building in the specialist data analytics approaches that they utilise for their policy analysis or business management work. 


The SASNet Fellowship Programme ran until the end of September 2017 and is now closed to applications.