The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) and Business and Local Government Data Research Centre (BLGRC) established the Social Analytics Strategic Network (SASNet), a research-based network focused on capacity-building for social analytics of emerging heterogeneous forms of data, including big data.

SASNet objectives 

The ultimate objectives of the network were to build capacity amongst social science researchers engaged in innovative, risky, blue skies research to harness the power of real-time data and other forms of big data for use in urban and business contexts, while providing business and public sector analysts as well as decision-makers with the understanding and analytic skills to make effective use of these various data sources in their professional activities.

We achieved this by running a series of events and activities throughout the UK as well as hosting a programme of visiting fellowships (more information via the links below).

What are social analytics?  

By social analytics we refer to methods drawn from the data sciences as well as social sciences for analysing, visualising, simulating, modelling, and interpreting complex and increasingly novel real-time as well as static data which can be used for knowledge discovery and understanding of complex social systems. Our specific interest lies in the use of these methods to focus on businesses management process and related analytics (BLGRC) and data-intensive urban research or urban informatics (UBDC).