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Share Scotland 2022

UBDC's Dr Justine Gangneux will take part in a panel session on 'Data needs, capabilities and uses' at this online conference. This conference, organised by the Society for innovation, technology and modernisation (Socitm), will acknowledge the step change that local public service providers have taken since the emergence of the pandemic. The...

24.03.22 | External Engagement

Active Travel: New Data, New Insights

This is a joint online seminar between Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research and Urban Big Data Centre. Please note the change of date from 16 February to 9 March. The programme and event will remain the same in structure and content, and we hope you will be able to attend this revised date. Your original registration remains valid a...

09.03.22 | Seminar

Research at the Urban Analytics Lab at the National University of Singapore

Dr Filip Biljecki - Assistant Professor in Geoinformatics at the National University of Singapore - will be presenting at this UBDC research seminar. Following Dr Biljecki's presentation, there will be the opportunity for attendees to pose questions. Abstract This talk will overview activities of the NUS Urban Analytics Lab, a multidisciplina...

08.02.22 | Seminar