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Data Bites #19: Getting things done with data in government

UBDC Director Professor Nick Bailey will speak at this Data Bites event from the Institute for Government. Better use of data is key to more effective government. Across government, teams are doing fascinating work with data. But those projects don’t get the attention they deserve. At this event, the speakers will present their data projects i...

05.05.21 | External Engagement

Exploring and analysing open transport data (with a focus on SCOOT data and bikeshare data)

The availability of open data has been growing. Local authorities and companies have been making real-time and historical data, many of which crowd-sourced, available online (through APIs). The often fine temporal and spatial granularity and the real-time nature of these data enrich the set of available data for cutting-edge transport research....

28.04.21 | Training

Making data readable – dashboards, information visualisation and accessible evidence

There is growing demand from non-researchers for insights from academic data resources, analyses and models, something that has been made particularly obvious by the COVID-19 pandemic, with policy makers demanding near-real-time intelligence on patterns of mobility, economic activity and social interaction. In this context, there is enormous po...

23.03.21 | Training

Spatial Signatures: understanding (urban) spaces through form and function

Dr Dani Arribas-Bel - senior lecturer in Geographic Data Science at the Department of Geography and Planning of the University of Liverpool - will be presenting at this UBDC research seminar. Following Dr Arribas-Bel's presentation, there will be the opportunity for attendees to pose questions. Abstract This talk will introduce the notion of...

16.03.21 | Seminar