Taking the carbon out of transport: How might data help us?

Thursday 4 November 2021
15:30 - 16:45 (GMT)
Online (via Zoom)

Dr David McArthur, Associate Director for Training and Capacity Building at UBDC and Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies at the University of Glasgow, and Rafael Verduzco, PhD Researcher, will deliver a keynote at this event to celebrate 10 years of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science.

The scale of the climate emergency demands a drastic and rapid reduction in carbon emissions. The transport sector is a large contributor to emissions, and so we must find ways to reduce travel where possible and to switch to more sustainable modes when travel is necessary. In this talk, we will consider the role of new and emerging data forms in helping us to better understand mobility and how to make it more sustainable. We will see how it might help us evaluate what sorts of interventions might be helpful as well as how to finance these changes.

This event is one of 10 keynotes to celebrate 10 years of SGSSS. The keynotes will coincide with major training events and are intended to provide a forum for reflecting back on the contribution Scottish social science has made over the last 10 years to academic debate and policy development, and to consider the critical role of social science in taking the opportunities and addressing challenges facing Scotland over the next decade.