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Urban Segregation and Inequality in Europe and China Conference

The Sheffield Methods Institute in collaboration with the School of East Asian Studies at the University of Sheffield is hosting a three-quarter day conference focused on residential segregation and inequality in European and Chinese cities on 31 July 2017.  Rapid growth in internal and international migration over the past decades, and the ass...

31.07.17 | Masterclass

Making cities work better: Urban Analytics Data Dive

Fancy spending two days working on Strava and Zoopla data from UBDC with fellow data scientists at the Alan Turing Institute?  The Turing is collaborating with the ONS Data Science Campus to run an intensive two-day urban analytics data dive on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th July.  Challenges have been set by governmental partners and data will...

25.07.17 | Workshop

Applied Statistical Methods for Analysing Segregation & Inequality Summer School

ESRC Summer School: Analysing Segregation About the Summer School Significant advances in the measurement and analysis of segregation have been made over the past 5 years. This summer school offers delegates the opportunity to learn these cutting-edge methods from leading researchers in the field. The summer school will provide 4 days of inte...

01.08.17 | Masterclass

New Sources of Data for Social Science Research

This free event provides an opportunity to catch up with new sources of data for social science research.  The data sources are:  Administrative data  Biomarker data Urban big data  For each of these sources of data we will give an overview and consider how they can be used to extend your options for exploring social science research qu...

20.06.17 | Workshop