GIS Ostrava 2017 - Dynamics in GIscience

Wednesday 22 March - Friday 24 March 2017
Full day
New Hall of VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, 17.listopadu 15, Ostrava- Poruba, Czech Republic

UBDC Research Associate, Dr. Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka, will be giving a keynote presentation at GIS Ostrava 2017 - Dynamics in GIscience.

The conference welcomes all researchers, scholars, and practitioners to attend and discuss all geospatial issues of a continuously faster and more dynamic world and to share ideas in the following, not exclusive topics:

  • Concepts of representing, storage and modelling spatio-temporal systems
  • Spatial mobility data and trajectories
  • Spatio-temporal data analysis and modelling
  • Spatial data streams
  • Real time geodata and real time applications
  • Sensitivity and privacy protection
  • Dynamics in land use, land cover and urban development
  • Geographical impacts of climate changes
  • Dynamics of social/human systems
  • Dynamics of interactions
  • Modelling of dynamics
  • Spatio-temporal predictions of events, states, land use and land cover
  • Visualisation of dynamics
  • Open spatio-temporal data
  • Crowdsourcing of spatio-temporal data
  • Harmonisation of spatio-temporal data
  • Geocomputation
  • Big spatio-temporal data

For more details visit the conference website.