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Making an Open Information Age: Power, freedom and inequality in an age of bits

On 16 March 2016, CREATe will host a public lecture by Dr Rufus Pollock, titled ‘Making an Open Information Age: Power, freedom and inequality in an age of bits‘. Many in CREATe will be familiar with his trailblazing work on the economics of copyright and in particular, on calculating the size and value of the public domain. In addition to his...

16.03.16 | Seminar

Data Talent Scotland

The Urban Big Data Centre is pleased to take part in the Data Talent Scotland showcase, a collider event bringing together 150 postgraduate data science students and 200 data enthusiasts, 11 universities and 50 businesses from across Scotland. The event will connect new data talent and education with industry, providing businesses with a fantas...

16.03.16 | Workshop

Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (SDAI) Showcase

To date, the ESRC has run three successful rounds of the Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (SDAI) the primary focus of which is to demonstrate the value of existing data resources by utilising them to deliver high-quality, high-impact research. SDAI provides up to 18 months funding for grants with an overall limit of £200,000 (100 pe...

29.02.16 | Workshop

Digging into Data: Round 3 - The Showcase

We are pleased to exhibit at the Digging into Data event, where a representative will be on hand to answer questions about our work, and we will display a visualisation using a selection of data from the integrated Multimedia City Data project. The Digging into Data Challenge is an international research grants competition sponsored by leading...

27.01.16 | Workshop