Strava Metro Data: Training Session with Brian Riordan

Wednesday, 28th September
10am - 1:00pm (lunch provided after)
7 Lilybank Gardens, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8RZ

The Urban Big Data Centre is delighted Brian Riordan from Strava Metro, will host a training session on using Strava Metro data at the UBDC on Wednesday, 28th September at 10am.


Strava — a social network for cyclists and runners — is more than just a fitness app. Millions of users upload details of their trips every week via smartphone or GPS device. The aggregate information provides GIS compatible data that offer a minute by minute count of users at street level and wait times at intersections based on the Open Street Map roads network. The origin and destination of trips is also available, resolved to census output areas.

This data can help us understand and shape transport policy in cities across the UK. Currently, 76 cities and regions are using Strava data for this purpose. The UBDC is the exclusive distributor of Strava Metro cycling data covering recent activity in Scotland and Tyne & Wear, England. We can provide you access to Strava data for your research, and help you get even more value by suggesting other urban data to link it to.

If you're interested in using Strava Metro data, this session is for you. Brian Riordan, Customer Success Lead from Strava Metro will join the UBDC to provide an overview of the data, methods of preparation for multiple forms of analysis, and time to discuss ideas for using it in urban research. After, lunch will be provided to participants over networking.