SRA Conference: An Introduction to Tools for Social Media Research

11 October, 2016
Full Day
Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London, UK NW1 2BJ

Yeran Sun, UBDC Research Associate will be attending the #NSMNSS / SRA Conference as a speaker on 11 October in London. He will be presenting ‘How to use R and QGIS to find out tourism hotspots in cities’.

His presentation will focus on how to use open source tools to identify tourism attractions in cities from photo-sharing social media Flickr. This includes how to use free-to-use softwares R and QGIS to find out tourism hotspots within cities from geotagged images.

Specifically, Yeran's presentation will demonstrate:

  1. How to map geo-tagged images downloaded from Flickr by using QGIS
  2. How to use R to identify clusters of geo-tagged images within a city
  3. How to identify tourism hotspots from those clusters
  4. How to map tourism hotspots identified from Flickr images

For more information, please visit the Conference Website and view the programme.