Evolving Mobility Patterns of Young Adults

Wednesday, 11 May 2016
12:00pm - 1:00pm
UBDC Conference Room, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK G12 8RZ

The Urban Big Data Centre is pleased to host a seminar with Prof. Noreen McDonald, Fulbright Distinguished Chair, 2015-16, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.

Noreen is also Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Her talk will focus on Evolving Mobility Patterns of Young Adults.

Today’s young adults – the millennials – drive less than previous generations and these declines have been documented in the UK, US, and Europe. This seminar will use data on time use and travel of Americans to:

  • highlight how travel has changed across generations,
  • explain the causes of the decline, and
  • consider the evolution of these trends.

The seminar will conclude with a conversation on the policy impacts of sustained shifts in the travel of young adults on transport planning and finance. 

Prior to the seminar, tea/coffee and pastries will be provided.