Philipp Ulbrich

Philipp Ulbrich

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Philipp Ulbrich joined UBDC in October 2021 as Research Assistant to the UKRI GCRF project URBE Latam (2019-2022).

Driven by critical approaches to data and science and technology studies and critical pedagogy, his research focuses on the implementation of urban sustainable development and resilience measurement frameworks - such as the Sustainable Development Goals - across the global, national, municipal and neighbourhood and community scales, especially in marginalised and community-constructed neighbourhoods in the global South.

Prior to undertaking his PhD in Urban Sciences at the University of Warwick, Philipp worked for a decade in economic and urban development projects and initiatives in the private and public sectors in the UK, the Americas, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Previous research project experience includes the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Improving Health in Slums (involvement from 2017 to 2019).

With a passion for understanding the extent to which intra-urban inequalities are represented in urban measurement and how data practices can be made more equitable and transformative, Philipp’s PhD research with SDG 11 as a case study included work with UN-Habitat, Colombia’s National Statistics Office, the municipality of Medellín and three communities in Medellín. The thesis was submitted in March 2021 (currently awaiting viva) and supervised by Professor João Porto de Albuquerque (UBDC) and Professor Jon Coaffee (Warwick).

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