Dr Obinna Anejionu

Obinna Anejionu

Scientific Computing Officer

Contact Details

  • Address: Urban Big Data Centre, 7 Lilybank Gardens, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8RZ
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 141 330 2888
  • Email: Obinna.Anejionu@glasgow.ac.uk


Obinna is a Scientific Computing Officer at the Urban Big Data Centre, with his primary responsibility focusing on the development of the Spatial Urban Data System (SUDS). SUDS is a UBDC proposed business intelligence system for geospatial analysis of Urban Big Data and socioeconomic indicators, expected to drive local government planning and policy-making, social science research, and private sector decision-support and innovation.

Obinna’s research interests focus on the deployment of geospatial technologies (Geomatics, GIS and remote sensing) in solving environmental, socio-political and socioeconomic challenges such as monitoring and management of environmental pollution, spatial epidemiology, spatial economics (economic geography), agricultural and rural development, and geopolitical dynamics.

Starting from a background in Geomatics and Land Surveying, his career has progressed into diverse areas with spokes into GIS, Environmental Remote Sensing, Spatial Analytics, Web Mapping, Big Data, Data Science, Machine learning, Relational (SQL, MySQL, Postgres/PostGIS, Access and SQL Lite) and NoSQL database (Neo4J, MongoDB, OrientDB), coding (Python, R, VB) and web design and web interface development (HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT). Obinna obtained his PhD in Geography (Remote Sensing and GIS applications in environmental monitoring) from the Lancaster University in 2015, and has published several findings of his research in various high impact international journals, including the Remote Sensing of Environment, Atmospheric Environment, Resources Policy, Electoral Studies, International Journal of Remote Sensing, and is currently working on several other research projects.