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Taking the carbon out of transport: How might data help us?

Dr David McArthur, Associate Director for Training and Capacity Building at UBDC and Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies at the University of Glasgow, and Rafael Verduzco, PhD Researcher, will deliver a keynote at this event to celebrate 10 years of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science. The scale of the climate emergency demands a dr...

04.11.21 | External Engagement

Triangulating Novel Mixed-Method Educational Data to Develop Effective, Evidence-Based Policy

UBDC’s programme involves not only large quantities of data but also the linkage and integration of diverse and often novel types of data. The UBDC’s Educational Disadvantage & Place (ED&P) group has employed a spectrum of complementary quantitative and qualitative methods, often blurring the lines between, to address educational inequa...

28.09.21 | Training

Mobile phone and social media data for human-nature research

This session aims to provide a venue for studies that use social media and mobile phone data for the assessment of human-nature interactions and preferences towards the natural environment. Georeferenced big data are the focus of an already extensive and rapidly growing research field, with the potential to explore human-nature interactions and...

22.07.21 | Seminar

Using daily Airbnb web scraped data to provide spatial and temporal understanding of short-term lets activity

Increasingly people are looking for novel and interesting data to provide a better understanding of social issues. Scraping data for research purposes is becoming more common and for some policy areas the only way of securing any understanding. Short-term lets, in particular Airbnb rentals, is one such area. Growth in this sector has caused iss...

24.06.21 | Training