Mobile phone and social media data for human-nature research

Thursday 22 July 2021
14:00 - 16:30 (BST)
Online (via Zoom)

This session aims to provide a venue for studies that use social media and mobile phone data for the assessment of human-nature interactions and preferences towards the natural environment.

Georeferenced big data are the focus of an already extensive and rapidly growing research field, with the potential to explore human-nature interactions and preferences towards the nature environment at wide spatial and temporal scales. Developments in this field may well play a vital role in understanding how humans’ value, interact and perceive the natural environment, offering a substitute or complementary data source to integrate into the present suite of (e)valuation options available to researchers and policy makers.

The session contains six state-of-the-art papers describing recent applications of big data to understand human-nature interactions. The session is split in two sections. The first will showcase three applications of social media data, the second, three applications of mobile phone data.

Session one: social media data for human-nature research (14:00 - 15:10)

In the AI of the beholder: a comparative analysis of computer vision-assisted characterizations of human-nature interactions in urban green spaces
Andrea Ghermandi, University of Haifa, Israel.

Scalable methods for mapping cultural ecosystem services and community engagement: Social Media, mobile phone data and online applications
Derek Van Berkel, University of Michigan, USA.

Hot in Twitter: Assessing the emotional impacts of wildfires with sentiment analysis
Maria L. Loureiro, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Session two: mobile phone data for human-nature research (15:20 - 16:30)

Exploring human-nature interactions using mobile phone data
Michael Sinclair, Urban Big Data Centre, University of Glasgow, UK.

Using mobile phone data to examine weather impacts on recreational ecosystem services in an urban protected area
Wanggi Jaung, Duke Kunshan University, China.

Mobile phone network data reveal nationwide economic value of coastal tourism under climate change
Takahiro Kubo, University of Oxford, UK; University of Kent, UK.


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