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4th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility

UBDC Director Professor Vonu Thakuriah will be presenting a keynote on 'Exploring social and economic implications of big data for mobility' at this event. The University of Thessaly, Department of Civil Engineering, Traffic, Transportation and Logistics Laboratory – TTLog, organizes the 4th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility – CSUM2018 i...

24.05.18 | External Engagement

New and Emerging Forms of Data for Policy Making: Transport, health and air quality management

UBDC Director Professor Vonu Thakuriah will be speaking at this one-day mini-conference (organised by HABITS), which will explore the way in which new and emerging forms of data (aka ‘big’ data – such as mobile phone data, social network data, geo-tagged data, image data) are contributing to innovation. Individual Mobility and Exposures Unde...

24.04.18 | External Engagement

An Introduction to Python

An Introduction to Python will provide an opportunity for hands-on experience with Python as a programming language and to learn how it can be effectively used for data processing including big data. Instructor Richard Skeggs, Senior Research Data Manager, Business and Local Government Data Research Centre (BLGDRC) Duration 1 day (Monday 23r...

23.04.18 | Training

GeoNatura workshop - Social & Environmental applications of GIS

What are the advantages derived from the use of geographic information in social and environmental applications? Which sectors of society benefit from the use of geographical information systems (GIS) and which sectors are potential employers? What is the current state and future trends of GIS applications? The answer to these and other questio...

13.04.18 | Workshop