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UBDC Data Workshop Series: Integrated Multimedia City Data (iMCD)

This free 1-day event is part of a planned data workshop series at the Urban Big Data Centre. In the first in the series, we will focus on the data and collection methods of our unique, cutting edge Integrated Multimedia City Data (iMCD) project. The purpose of this workshop is to help understand the data better, develop research ideas, share e...

01.10.18 | Workshop

GeoNatura workshop - Social & Environmental applications of GIS

What are the advantages derived from the use of geographic information in social and environmental applications? Which sectors of society benefit from the use of geographical information systems (GIS) and which sectors are potential employers? What is the current state and future trends of GIS applications? The answer to these and other questio...

13.04.18 | Workshop

New sources of data for social science research

This free half-day event provides an opportunity to catch up with new sources of data for social science research. Presentations will cover examples of research use cases and ways to access each of the following sources of data in the UK: Administrative data Biomarker and genetics data Consumer data For each of these sources of data we...

15.01.18 | Workshop