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CaCHE Seminar: Poverty in the Private Rented Sector

UBDC Director Professor Nick Bailey will be speaking at the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence's seminar on Poverty in the Private Rented Sector. The private rented sector is experiencing unprecedented growth in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK. The sector remains massively controversial and faces many problems and challenges as well...

07.12.18 | External Engagement

ACSP Annual Conference

UBDC Researcher Dr Jin Hong will be presenting his research on 'The Evaluation of Large Cycling Infrastructure Investments in the Glasgow Clyde Valley Planning Area Before, During, and After the Commonwealth Games: The Use of Crowdsourced Data (Strava)' on Thursday 25 October. This forms part of the 'Transportation & Infrastructure Planning...

25.10.18 | External Engagement

Use Environmental Data Responsibly Conference

UBDC researcher Professor Marian Scott, Professor of Environmental Statistics at the University of Glasgow, will be speaking at this event organised by Environmental Protection Scotland (EPS). Big data sets and analytics are being used to protect Scotland’s environment, improving air quality, noise mapping, energy efficiency, promoting environm...

08.10.18 | External Engagement

TRANSPORT Smart Class, Scotland 2018

UBDC researcher Dr David McArthur will be speaking at this event on 'Using Crowdsourced Mobility Data to Understand Active Travel'. With the recent doubling of the budget for the promotion of active travel along with ambitious targets for increasing the mode share of active travel, there is a growing need for better data and methods to evaluate...

27.09.18 | External Engagement