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Accessing the UBDC's Data Service

The UBDC has been established to meet the needs of a wide range of users who wish to conduct research on urban issues using big data. We offer a number of services, including access to open, licenced and controlled data, and a data sourcing and procurement service. Most are provided free of any charge. In this short course participants will le...

15.08.16 | Training

Introduction to QGIS

GIS software is widely used by a variety of communities in geospatial data analysis. Commercial GIS software, such as ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo and ENVI are only accessible to users with a payment of a license. Actually, as the most popular open source GIS software, QGIS can replace ESRI ArcGIS in the majority of GIS functions. In this short course,...

10.08.16 | Training

Introduction to Network Analysis in ArcGIS

Network analysis is a particularly useful class of analysis, which can be performed with a Geographic Information System (GIS). Network analysis allows us to analyse problems which are connected to the transportation of goods or people across a network. Using these methods we can consider questions such as: What is the shortest route between tw...

03.08.16 | Training

Introduction to ArcGIS

The importance of understanding the spatial dimension of data has long been understood. Despite this, the spatial aspects are often ignored; in part due to a lack of knowledge and skill about how to process it. This issue has become more pressing in recent years, which have seen a massive expansion in the quantity of data available. At the same...

02.08.16 | Training